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Revolution 2.0: Thomas Sankara and the Social Media Generation in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a fascinating example of how a long history of socio-political mobilization, the resurgence of interest in a murdered former revolutionary leader, and the digital connections of the social media age have recently coalesced in a successful revolution.


Graffiti, Ouagadougou, December 2014; Photo: Heike Becker
Graffiti, Ouagadougou, December 2014; Photo: Heike Becker.


Long-time strongman Blaise …

Digital commons and contemporary African struggles

“Bring back our internet,” was a rallying global cry from Cameroon for almost three months after the country’s government blacked out Internet services in the provinces inhabited by the country’s Anglophone minority in late January 2017. The Cameroon Internet shutdown was ostensibly aimed at stifling rising dissent, which …

Namibia, Solidarity and Germany

In the first installment of the interview Reinhart Kößler speaks about the history of solidarity activism with the liberation struggles of Southern Africa in the former West Germany. He draws partly on his personal experience as an activist. In the second installment, Heike Becker and Reinhart Kößler discuss issues of …